Audible Out And About

Project Purpose

I was given a project wherein I had to create advertisements that fit Audible’s branding while appealing to an audience that did not see value in the service but that Audible would want to reach out to. In general, the proposed audience were people that are time-poor, work a lot and in cities, and enjoy learning new things and finding ways to get more out of the time they do have during their day.

The Creative Process

When coming up with ideas for advertisements, I thought a lot about times that audiences may have some time wherein they could use Audible to get more out of it. This led me to focus on promoting the idea that the target audience could use the audiobook service during their commutes to and from work, times that they might otherwise just be listening to the radio, playing games on their phone, etc.

Once I decided on when people may want to use the service, I had to think about where they would want to use it. I decided to create designs for spaces like billboards, bus stop signs, posters in coffee shops that people may stop at during their commute, ads in subway stations, and posters for airports highlighting the benefits of using audible over bringing physical books onto a plane.

The End Result

The end result is a collection of promotional imagery and pieces that can be used in various locations to encourage audiences to try out Audible and use it when they are on the go so that they can get more out of the time they are spending during their commute or other travel venture.

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