Bike Ride Peoria

Project Purpose

This branding and design project was an assignment wherein I was asked to come up with the name, branding, and advertisements for a fictitious bike rental service that would be based within the Peoria area.

The Creative Process

My first and foremost focus was to communicate reasons why someone should want to use this service, whether it was because it was an eco-friendly alternative to driving or simply they got a free coupon. From there I had to come up with various touch points that would capture the attention of my audience and encourage them to keep using the service. As a result I created a variety of advertisements for the service, ranging from posters on public transport, coupons that could be given in the mail, and a way for someone’s Uber app to suggest that they use this service depending on how far away their destination is and their current location.

In regards to encouraging people to continue the service, I created an app that would not only help users find a nearby rental station based on their location, but it would also function as a way to find places to bike to and as a way to have a rewards program where someone could receive rewards based on how much or how far they have ridden in a given span of time.

The service is also partnered with OSF Healthcare in Peoria in an effort to also encourage people to use the service as a way to stay healthy.

The End Result

The end result is a brand and advertising campaign that incorporates standalone advertisements, social media pages, an app, and a partnership with Uber that will encourage audiences to use the service if they wish to reduce their carbon footprint and explore the Peoria area.

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