Bottling Confidence

The Project Purpose

I was challenged to create a piece that is more conceptual in its design and execution than literal by a professor. I chose to try and bottle or contain an emotion or sensation in such a way where if someone looked at it, they would think that they would immediately feel that emotion upon consuming it. For this project, I chose to attempt to bottle the feeling of confidence.

The Creative Process

When I started this project, I first had to think a lot about what confidence meant to myself and to others. To me, confidence is feeling sure of yourself and comfortable in your own skin. With that in mind,  sought out imagery and color schemes that I felt represented that that weren’t overly cliché over overtly representative of confidence.

I settled on using imagery of city buildings, tall bridges, and sunrises. I chose these because cities can evoke a feeling of calm strength and sturdiness because of the buildings that stand tall throughout them.  Moreover, I chose to use imagery of sunrises because dawn is often representative of hope, new beginnings and energy, which I feel is a part of confidence for many.

When it came time to create and design the ingredient list, I decided that the hypothetical ingredients would include “confidence inducing carbonated water”, caffeine (for energy), electrolytes, stevia leaf extract (0 calorie sweetener), mint leaf extract (for a refreshing taste), and watermelon extract (for a refreshingly sweet taste).

I chose these ingredients to help imply that the bottled confidence would help give drinkers energy with a light, refreshing, cooling sweetness that wouldn’t be so sickly sweet that they would feel weighed down.

Below the nutrition facts and ingredient list I wrote a warning that states: “Warning: This beverage may cause those who consume it to feel as they can do anything they set their mind to, from asking their crush out to learning to fly. While we encourage everyone to reach their full potential, please exercise caution when drinking this beverage.” This warning was created both to add humor to the piece but also to imply the potential strength and effect the beverage could have on drinkers.

The End Result

The end result of this project is a label with beautiful imagery that evokes a feeling of calm strength and confidence tied with hope and a spark of energy. It is wrapped around a bottle filled with a mix of sparkling water and blue Gatorade to give it a pale blue color with a slightly bubbly appearance.

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