Children's Author Flyer

Project Purpose

I was asked by a local children’s author, Natalie Rompella, to create a design for a flyer that could be used in a magazine and on its own as a poster or handout to promote presentations/workshops for children in person and online that she would be providing.

The Creative Process

My primary goal was to create a fun design that clearly represented the overarching themes and concepts of Natalie’s presentations, keeping in mind her personal branding as an author and as an educator. Using information she provided me about her personal background and the presentations the flyer would be advertising, I used imagery that appropriately represented the themes of each of the presentations as well as her as a person. I then worked to choose colors and fonts that suited her personal branding with a special focus on ensuring that they felt gender-neutral and not overly feminine to help draw boys, girls, and their parents’ attention to the flyer.

The End Result

The end result is a design that is suitable to be put in a magazine or used as a flyer on its own. It is kid friendly, easy to read, and connects with Natalie’s personal branding and while appropriately representing each of the presentations while still appearing gender neutral.

Natalie Rompella Flyer

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