Cropped Magazine

Project Purpose

I created a fictitious magazine for a class assignment that consists of a cover, table of contents, and two spreads that I designed. The purpose of the assignment was for myself and other students to become familiar with editorial design and using InDesign.

Creative Process

First and foremost I wanted to create a magazine that focused on a topic or range of topics that I was interested in. I also wanted to have it be focused on something that I knew would have articles that would be really interesting to create designs for. With that said, I drew some inspiration from graphic design magazines that I have read and decided to make one of my own.

I decided to call it Cropped Magazine with the idea that the magazine could potentially help people “crop” out the bad parts of their designs. Not to mention the fact that cropping is a common part of the design process.

After deciding on the overarching theme of the magazine, I created it so that this particular issue of it was somewhat photography based, with the primary article being about a fictional up-and-coming photographer.

I also chose to create articles based on some real people and companies that I personally find interesting. The spreads whose designs shown here focus on One Design Company, a graphic and web design firm in Chicago, and Devon Rodriguez, an artist in New York that has become famous for his sketches of people riding the subway.

The End Result

The end result of this project is a cover, table of contents, and two spreads that are a part of a fictional graphic design magazine that helps to highlight the efforts of real companies and people within the industry.

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