Dance Connection: Bartonville Illinois

The Project Purpose

Myself and three of my User Experience Design peers with an interest in supporting a local small business were assigned the task of working with Dance Connection Bartonville (DCB) to create a brand-new website. The goal was to create a site that was more visually engaging than their previous site while also being easier for customers to use, thereby improving their online presence and digital-facing impression on customers.

The Creative Process

Our team’s first step was having a conversation with the owner of DCB, Tori. We needed to learn what her goals were for the business and the website, followed by brainstorming ideas of how our project could meet her needs.

Tori’s primary goal was to have the website be a source of education regarding learning about the business’s greatest strengths:

– The extensive range of ages that they offer classes for, from infants to adults.

– The wide array of dance styles they teach, including tap, hip hop, and tumbling.

Tori and her teachers also heavily believe in the long-term values and life lessons that their students can develop through dance classes. We wanted to highlight those values throughout the website, particularly with the goal of encouraging parents to sign their children up

 Pairing the value statements with appropriate and enticing imagery makes for a site that encourages visitors’ understanding of everything that DCB has to offer students.

DCB Site Screenshot 3
DCB Site Screenshot 2
DCB Site Screenshot 4

The End Result

The final product of my team’s efforts is a fundamentally simple, easy to navigate website that communicates the benefits of dances classes, particularly for children, and the impact the dance teachers have on their students. Since the creation of the site my team and I have noticed a significant increase in success for the business in terms of their student population growth and the opportunities this growth has afforded them.

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