Evolve: St. Louis Design Week

The Project Purpose

This project was for an Editorial Design course wherein we were told to design the branding for St. Louis Design Week 2020 if the theme was “Evolve”. We were instructed to design a guide booklet, badges, an invite, the website home page, and one takeaway item. The information presented in the booklet was derived from the St. Louis Design Week of 2019, such as the breakout speakers, presentation descriptions, and schedule.

The Creative Process

When I started my design process, I mostly looked through Instagram and the artists I follow to find inspiration for the overall design of my project. Once I had a rough idea for how I wanted the overall design to appear and the kinds of details I would use throughout the project, I focused the design on two of the most famous landmarks in and around St. Louis: the arch and the neighboring Mississippi river.

After that, I selected a color scheme that I felt evoked feelings of fun, creativity, and professionalism – feelings that should be associated with the design week.

With all of those more general details and design properties figured out, I created a base design that was used across every piece of media in the project, with slight alterations to it such as size and orientation for each separate piece so that everything coordinated without feeling monotonous.

The End Result

The end result is a series of promotional items and event accessories that coordinate well in every aspect of their designs, from the use of colors throughout to the fonts and the formatting of each piece.

St Louis Design Week Hoodie with Evolve Logo

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