Help At A Glance

Project Purpose

Help At A Glance is an anxiety and depression awareness campaign targeted towards Bradley University students and parents. It is meant to bring awareness to mental health challenges that college students and educate students and parents about the options available to students regardless of what their personal situation is if they need help at any point and time. It includes a poster, website, wallet-cards, and a brochure all informing students and parents about different resources available to students through Bradley University.

The Creative Process

In creating the project, I interviewed various members of Bradley University staff that had experience in dealing with students experiencing mental health challenges so I could gain a better understanding of what resources already existed and what could be done to promote awareness as well as just how important it is that students are made aware of the resources available to them. From there, I came up with the different promotional materials that would be best suited for all situations; such as promoting awareness around campus, giving students an easy way to find information and get help 24/7, and giving parents a way to be informed if they so choose.

The End Result

The end result is a wide variety of promotional and educational materials in both print and digital formats. Each one has the potential to be used all around Bradley’s campus to help raise awareness or can be accessed 24/7 in some way or another, just in case.

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