Homeless Healthcare

The Project Purpose

Myself and a handful of peers in our User Experience Design course was given the task of designing an ipad application that would help members of Peoria’s homeless population find financial, food, medical, and shelter resources in collaboration with the city’s nonprofit homeless assistance organization.

The Creative Process

When designing the app and its contents, my team first came up with the exact functions of the app and the tools it would provide. While that is a fairly normal approach, we knew the app had to be very simple and direct with its services. This was because we understood that our projected userbase was the Peoria area’s homeless population which had an unpredictable level of experience using mobile apps.

A key part of maintaining the simplicity of the app was heavily utilizing the potential of the nav bar. We wanted users to click on an icon within the nav bar and jump directly to items such as finding food/shelter and schedule an appointment.

Since healthcare was a major factor in creating this app, my team wanted to be thorough in the execution of the appointment schedule section. It starts with choosing a location, date, and available doctor and providing the reason for the visit and a synopsis of symptoms being experienced. Options to differentiate between scheduling for a medical doctor, counselor, and dentist are also available to cover the need bases for users.

The End Result

The end result is an app designed truly centered around helping users get the information and resources they need as they work towards getting back on their feet and maintaining their health. It covers the expected bases of helping users to find food and shelter while also going above and beyond to help the homeless population receive important materials such as a state I.D., their Social Security card, and schedule doctor appointments.

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