My Font: Glitch

Project Purpose

The purpose of this project was to challenge myself to create an entirely new and unique font as well as a poster promoting the font.

The Creative Process

When beginning the design process for my font, I took inspiration from decorative fonts, Acier BAT in particular, with its designs that incorporate many long, thin, horizontal lines within its letters in order to help with providing shape and character to each letter. However I have also always been an avid fan and user of sans-serif, gothic fonts such as Century Gothic because of their simplicity but unique feel of being full and round in shape compared to many other sans-serif fonts. Ultimately, I decided to use the outline of a sans-serif gothic font as the skeleton of my font’s design but fill in the lines and give more life to the designs by using dozens of horizontal, rounded rectangles that varied in length to. This gives each letter a shaky, TV-static inspired appearance for a feeling of nervous energy that felt refreshing and striking to me.

The End Result

The end result of this project is a font that feels refreshing and new while simultaneously full of nervous energy that demands attention from viewers. It is a design that could make anyone wonder if their computer is loading the image/text in front of them properly or if their printer was working properly. I also created a poster showing the versatility of the font in terms of making it distorted, stretched, shrunk, and even more like it wasn’t loading or printing properly.

While I can’t guarantee that this font is entirely unique and has never been done before in any fashion, I can safely say that I have never seen anything like it and that it was a wonderful challenge to take on.

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