Pekin Insurance: Going Paperless

Project Purpose

Pekin Insurance was looking to develop a mobile app that would allow their customers to pay for their insurance. Teams from my User Experience class were tasked with performing user research, interviewing members of the UX/UI team at Pekin, and creating a prototype for the application.

Creative Process

With Pekin’s primary focus on implementing mobile payments, we designed our prototype to mostly serve customers by showing the amount that they owe, dates pertaining to the bill, and selecting a card or account to pay it with. This simple approach was used primarily because of the predominantly older customer base that Pekin has as a company.

As mobile app users and insurance customers ourselves, my team decided to take the app’s design further to coincide with the customer service aspects of Pekin. This includes account notifications, allowing users to view statements, providing contact information for one’s insurance agent, and a section of FAQs.

We felt that it was important for this app to be more than just a way to pay bills, that it should also be a way for customers to feel connected and informed. This includes being able to see if their agent is “online” and available to be called or even messaged directly through the app.

The End Result

The final prototype is an app that serves Pekin’s primary interest of allowing their customers to make mobile insurance payments, but also one that considers customer service and providing information to users.

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